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Year end alert 2017

Well, it’s been nearly 18 months since the last update and less Concrete/Field action has happened in that time than I would have hoped for, but it’s quality not quantity right?

Maybe a timeline is what we need:

June 2016: digital-only doom-drone Napalm Death cover inspired by the nauseating rise of out and proud racist bullshit: Evolved As One

June 2016: 2 one minute tracks entitled “LIFE” & “DEATH” contributed to the ATTN:Magazine curated themed compilation “BRINK” (download & USB stick)

July 2016: “Glowing Air” created from sounds sent by Herhalen for the second “Under Bright Ghosts” compilation (green tape & download)

September 2016: one minute track “Basement Tape” included on Farmer Glitch’s 3″ CD compilation “23 minutes – 23 tracks – 23 artists

December 2016: unable to resist the temptation to do a Christmas album, “Bleak” includes remixes/reworkings of previous Xmas tracks on various Avalanchers compilations and a bit of new material.

February 2017: “Orchids” is included on the limited bonus CD-R with Terranean Recordings epic “Drawn Against The Sun” collection celebrating their 100th release.

October 2017: epicly-delayed (by me), distributed collaboration/remix album “Under The Concrete/The Field” is released on brown cassette and (transparent) download by Herhalen.

The new stuff (out right now):

Losing Ground” -C-30, hand-dubbed transparent chrome cassette with laser-engravings in transparent case with full-color 3 panel J-card cover. Limited to 25 numbered copies. (The first 5 orders came with a heat-pressed high definition patch!). A two track split with COLDSORE on TOTES FORMAT

Now That’s What I Call A Xmas Avalanche” – (some of) the old gang from the Avalanchers message board together again for the return of the mythical Avalanchers Xmas comp. I’ve put in 6 minutes of pagan yule-drone called “Dreaming of a White Noise Mass”


The continued evolution of my new duo with Matt Bower of Wizards Tell Lies/Isobel Ccircle named Meat House.

The emergence of a call-and-response remix EP with Savier which is slowly taking shape.

Who knows?



Released 3rd June 2016: an EP for the most excellent postcard label Arell. “Flows” is a documentation and evocation of infrastructure in 3 parts. Hear the preview and buy the postcard (with download code for the full release) here.

Also released in recent times was “Restructured” – a remix album by old friends and collaborators LLB put out through the always fascinating Terranean Recordings. It has remixes by me, Quatersized, Cauterised, Luke Lund and Nude For Satan. All quality and available for PWYW download here.

Future releases will include appearing on the BRINK compilation with legends such as Luke Lund, Scutopus, LLB & Upward (and some other guys like Lasse Marhaug and Norman Westberg), the Under Bright Ghosts 2 compilation on Herhalen and also various in-progress remixes and collaborations will take shape when the time is right.


Available now: a free EP of protest noise in support of #blacklivesmatter with 3 tracks from scutopus and one remix each from myself and cpark (Caroline Park)

Against the tide

Ten months into 2015 – a year of ups and downs for Concrete/Field as an entity and as a human – here is the news in reverse order:

Most recent is the release of Concrete/Wound – a split tape with my old friend Bartosz AKA Wound on Invisible City Records. Two tracks from each of us, totalling just under 20 minutes each. Very proud of this one: looks and sounds beautiful, thanks to the hard work and talents of Bartosz & Craig from Invisible City.

As C/F nearly imploded in the summer, I had a clear-out of everything lurking in the “Work In Progress” folder. A large chunk of stuff got binned as it was never going to go anywhere, but what didn’t was polished up into “Hidden Workings” – an album which, paradoxically, is now one of my favourites, as it’s a little more of a mixed bag and has some parts in it that I genuinely love and so have set them free.
Other scraps from the cutting room floor have been sent out into the world to seek their fortune, watch this space…

Last but most importantly, the shadowy cabal behind Libertatia Overseas Trading asked me to contribute a track to their compilation “We Saw Human Guinea Pigs Explode“. All proceeds go to homeless support group The Simon Community, so please buy a copy if you haven’t already. It’s got Ceramic Hobs on it.

The future? Well I’ve already delivered a remix for an EP in support of #blacklivesmatter in the US and a couple of tracks to a 3-way split with some friends. Other projects are in the pipeline, though real life looks like getting in the way again. The future is a slippery thing…

End of Year Love

It’s been gratifying to see Concrete/Field getting mentions in a few people’s year-end round-ups (whether lists or mixes). Here are a few links for you to check out:

“The Best of The Best of The Best” by Matt Bower of Wizards Tell Lies/Isobel Ccircle/The Revenant Sea

“Unofficial Britain Soundtrack 2014” by Gareth Rees AKA Hackney Marshman
(containing the hands-down greatest description of my sound ever!)

Scottish ruff-techno emperor Savier gets a special mention for including two different C/F tracks in two different mixes in two days:

Highly recommended label jehu & chinaman celebrate two years of existence with a pwyw sampler which features the C/F remix of Wizards Tell Lies “Pathway to Scraw”:

And finally (for now), Justin Watson of front & follow (purveyors of mind-blowing Kemper Norton material to the cognoscenti) gives “AToPG” a mention in his favourites of 2014 list for Dukla Prague Away Kit:

Thank you to all!

If you want to know some of the people I’ve been listening to in the past year, I put a mix up here:
(honourable mentions also to Luke Lund, Godflesh & Run The Jewels here).

Positive affirmations

“A Theory of Psychic Geography” seems to have hit the spot for a few listeners, which is deeply pleasing:

Loki at “An Idiot’s Guide To Dreaming” (a blog I have read with pleasure for many years and has introduced me to many wonders) has some very nice things to say here, along with reviews of recent stuff by some of my top favourite artists & friends.

Dave Laica has included the track “Zone of Avoidance” in Numbers Broadcast #54, alongside a Godflesh cover by Wizards Tell Lies which will appear on the upcoming tribute compilation “Doing God’s Work: 25 Years of Streetcleaner” that I am organising and appearing on.

Finally, issue #10 of top-quality, old-school, paper-based noise zine “Turbulent Times” is available to buy now. Alongside interviews with Ceramic Hobs and Elizabeth Veldon there is a very nice feature on Concrete/Field. You can buy it direct from John Eden here, or pick it up from Praxis [Berlin] and Electric Knife [London] if you still visit physical shop premises…

New album CDR version available

The standard CDR version of “A Theory of Psychic Geography” is now available (along with MP3 & WAV download versions) directly from the 19f3 Records website
Prices (incl postage): UK £7, RoW £10 (downloads are £4)

"A Theory of Psychic Geography" cover