Against the tide

Ten months into 2015 – a year of ups and downs for Concrete/Field as an entity and as a human – here is the news in reverse order:

Most recent is the release of Concrete/Wound – a split tape with my old friend Bartosz AKA Wound on Invisible City Records. Two tracks from each of us, totalling just under 20 minutes each. Very proud of this one: looks and sounds beautiful, thanks to the hard work and talents of Bartosz & Craig from Invisible City.

As C/F nearly imploded in the summer, I had a clear-out of everything lurking in the “Work In Progress” folder. A large chunk of stuff got binned as it was never going to go anywhere, but what didn’t was polished up into “Hidden Workings” – an album which, paradoxically, is now one of my favourites, as it’s a little more of a mixed bag and has some parts in it that I genuinely love and so have set them free.
Other scraps from the cutting room floor have been sent out into the world to seek their fortune, watch this space…

Last but most importantly, the shadowy cabal behind Libertatia Overseas Trading asked me to contribute a track to their compilation “We Saw Human Guinea Pigs Explode“. All proceeds go to homeless support group The Simon Community, so please buy a copy if you haven’t already. It’s got Ceramic Hobs on it.

The future? Well I’ve already delivered a remix for an EP in support of #blacklivesmatter in the US and a couple of tracks to a 3-way split with some friends. Other projects are in the pipeline, though real life looks like getting in the way again. The future is a slippery thing…


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