End of Year Love

It’s been gratifying to see Concrete/Field getting mentions in a few people’s year-end round-ups (whether lists or mixes). Here are a few links for you to check out:

“The Best of The Best of The Best” by Matt Bower of Wizards Tell Lies/Isobel Ccircle/The Revenant Sea

“Unofficial Britain Soundtrack 2014” by Gareth Rees AKA Hackney Marshman
(containing the hands-down greatest description of my sound ever!)

Scottish ruff-techno emperor Savier gets a special mention for including two different C/F tracks in two different mixes in two days:

Highly recommended label jehu & chinaman celebrate two years of existence with a pwyw sampler which features the C/F remix of Wizards Tell Lies “Pathway to Scraw”:

And finally (for now), Justin Watson of front & follow (purveyors of mind-blowing Kemper Norton material to the cognoscenti) gives “AToPG” a mention in his favourites of 2014 list for Dukla Prague Away Kit:

Thank you to all!

If you want to know some of the people I’ve been listening to in the past year, I put a mix up here:
(honourable mentions also to Luke Lund, Godflesh & Run The Jewels here).

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