Positive affirmations

“A Theory of Psychic Geography” seems to have hit the spot for a few listeners, which is deeply pleasing:

Loki at “An Idiot’s Guide To Dreaming” (a blog I have read with pleasure for many years and has introduced me to many wonders) has some very nice things to say here, along with reviews of recent stuff by some of my top favourite artists & friends.

Dave Laica has included the track “Zone of Avoidance” in Numbers Broadcast #54, alongside a Godflesh cover by Wizards Tell Lies which will appear on the upcoming tribute compilation “Doing God’s Work: 25 Years of Streetcleaner” that I am organising and appearing on.

Finally, issue #10 of top-quality, old-school, paper-based noise zine “Turbulent Times” is available to buy now. Alongside interviews with Ceramic Hobs and Elizabeth Veldon there is a very nice feature on Concrete/Field. You can buy it direct from John Eden here, or pick it up from Praxis [Berlin] and Electric Knife [London] if you still visit physical shop premises…

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