Bandcamp updates & forthcoming sounds

I’ve finally got round to adding a couple of recent tracks to The Orphanage: my contribution to the first Noise In Opposition compilation and the remix I did for the Stretchheads “Oregano Accumulator” boxset. There are a few more compilation tracks and remixes in the pipeline including: a submission to the livingvoid project, a track dedicated to the Voyager 1 space probe for black circle records and a remix of elizabeth Veldon reading poetry.

Album-wise, there are two long-delayed projects I’m currently working on: firstly, a collection of (for want of a better description) hauntological vignettes based on the occult history and wild spaces of Northern England which is nearly three years in the making. I hope to have it ready for Halloween (somewhat predictably). Secondly, a brand-new album for a popular Yeovil nano-label which I have been promising for nearly a year now and intend to get done before 2014!

Finally, it appears that Mr Kek-W of the legendary Hacker Farm has been saying nice things about me on his (recommended) blog, which is much appreciated.

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